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in case, like me, you weren't that impressed with the instagram photos of it. 

time-lapse video of Endeavor moving across LA.

via la times


well there go all my plans to be productive today... 

Moonrise Kingdom 

now go explore some Wes Anderson wonderfulness. I’m seeing this as soon as I get back from Palm Springs…

do yourself a favor. hit "listen." 

radiolab - goat on a cow.

incredible program. love it. just listened to so many in a row it’s crazy. this episode is especially fantastic.

Obama's chattin with folks, live, right now... 

not sure if this is just a waste of time, but im listening anyway behind the work im doing…

63 Reasons Why Bradley Cooper Definitely Isn't The Sexiest Man Alive 

my favorite thing right now! hahaha

New favorite site - The Fox Is Black! 

the mixtapes alone got me, on top of all the other cool shit!

Is this not proof enough... 

that microwaves are evil?

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