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Tutorial Time Again Y’all!

get patriotic, n stuff.



As summer heats up, everyone’s mind wanders off to the 4th of July. Whether it’s the BBQ you love, time with friends & family, or simply the fireworks, everyone’s got a special place for Independence Day in their hearts… and their wardrobe. This year, make sure your nails are no exception with my guest post over on!


Be sure to check out the full step-by-step tutorial to learn how you can recreate this look, by clicking here

Happy painting!

My nail blog is LIVE! You’ve gotta go see my latest post - think you’re gonna LOVE it! xo lovebugs! #nailart #inspired by #beer

this. via bec winnel

Anatomy of a Murder

How can a jury disregard something they've already heard?
They can't.
I hit up the grand canyon. it was grand. this pic jon snagged of me is grander.



I hit up the grand canyon. it was grand. this pic jon snagged of me is grander.



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Inner City Blues - Sixto Rodriguez, Cold Fact.

Future becomes Present.

More than anything, I want to go to NY and see this show! So sad I’m going to miss it.

Ann Hamilton’s The Event of a Thread at the Armory


And you can clean around the wound
but if you want it to heal
it just takes time
and you can go up to the moon
but if you want something to change
you gotta change your life
and take your time

future islands - balance

You are both stars, don’t forget. And the stars exploded billions of years ago, to form everything that is this world. Everything we know, is stardust. So don’t forget, you are stardust!

Gypsy, Before Sunset

Yet another contender for second favorite movie...

Brendan what's going on?
I don't know, I guess the train's lost.
What'd he say?
He says the train's lost.
How can a train be lost, it's on rails...

Contender for my favorite movie

Scout Master Ward:
I'm going to change my answer, in fact. THIS is my real job: Scout Master, Troupe 55. I'm a math teacher on the side.

Reason #16

You never gave me the time of day until I started getting good reviews.
Your reviews aren't that good.
But the sales are.

in case, like me, you weren't that impressed with the instagram photos of it. 

time-lapse video of Endeavor moving across LA.

via la times

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